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Contractor Assessment Service (CAS)

What is BSG's Contractor Assessment Service?

“Using BSG’s ‘Contractor Assessment Service’ gives us ‘peace of mind’ knowing that our sub-contractors have been verified by qualified experts” Ashford Homes

BSG’s ‘Contractor Assessment Service’ (CAS) is free of charge and exclusive to our members. It has been set up to help Principal contractors evaluate their bona fide subcontractors’ health and safety competence. The service has been developed by BSG’s highly qualified advisors, using the core elements of SSIP Core CriteriaPAS 91Common Assessment standard as well as CDM regulations. BSG’s senior managers responsible for constructing ‘CAS’ are all Chartered members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

Principal Contractor Liability

As many BSG members will be aware, companies have a duty of care to ensure that any contractor appointed is competent to perform tasks safely, without unacceptable risks to other employees, members of the public as well as others on site. When an accident does occur, through the negligence of a sub-contractor, the Principal Contractor (PC) can also be liable if it did not take the necessary steps to appraise the company employed and perform management checks to ensure that the agreed standards of operation were being carried out correctly.

Sub-contractors should only be allowed to carry out work on site if they have been vetted and approved by the Principal Contractor. Even if the same sub-contractor has been used for a number of years, Principal Contractors may still need to regularly assess them to ensure that their business is adhering to its legal obligations – as detailed in regulation 8 of CDM 2015: Managing Health & Safety in construction L15

A designer (including a principal designer) or contractor (including a principal contractor) appointed to work on a project must have the skills, knowledge and experience, and, if they are an organisation, the organisational capability necessary to fulfil the role that they are appointed to undertake, in a manner that secures the health and safety of any person affected by the project.

How can BSG help?

BSG Contractor Assessment Approved

BSG can help by assessing the health and safety competence of a  bona fide sub-contractor before a contract is awarded or for contractors that are already employed. We believe that BSG is best placed to recognise and understand the unique health and safety risks associated with our members’ businesses. And we are therefore also best qualified to evaluate the health and safety competence of subcontractors who work with BSG members.


Companies that meet the required health and safety standard set by BSG will be approved to work with the BSG Member (Principal Contractor). Those companies which are declined will be invited to work with BSG to improve their health and safety competence to an acceptable standard.

How does it work?

BSG members that would like to use our Contractor Assessment Service (CAS) can register and invite their sub-contractors to apply for BSG’s accreditation through an online portal.

Register for CAS

To register for access to the portal please visit this page and submit your details (there is no cost to register for CAS).

Login to CAS

Once you have registered for CAS, BSG members can can login by clicking this link

Once you have logged in, you can ‘invite’ your sub-contractors to be assessed by BSG in just a few short steps.

User Guide

Here is a BSG CAS User guide which explains how to register, login and invite sub-contractors for assessment.

CAS Case study

Please download the enclosed case study which explains how CAS has benefited one of our members: Ashford Homes – BSG Case Study

What does it cost

The cost is £102, which is chargeable to the sub-contractor submitting the application to be assessed. It can be paid using this link: BSG CAS Payment. BSG members that use the service will be able to login and view their sub-contractors’ applications online.



Why should my company use this service?

BSG’s new Contractor Assessment Service can support your business by;

  • Determining if a contractor is compliant with current health and safety legislation and guidance
  • Providing you with evidence of a contractor’s appropriate accreditations and qualifications relevant to the task they intend to perform
  • Obtaining a copy of the contractor’s health and safety policy
  • Building a comprehensive knowledge base of your contractors’ health and safety experience and expertise
  • Establish whether a contractor can demonstrate relevant health and safety experience
  • Obtaining risk assessments examples produced by the contractor in the last twelve months and reviewing them as suitable for the works identified
  • Compiling details about a contractor’s safe systems of work and / or method statements
  • Gathering information about the contractor’s job / task monitoring arrangements
  • Reviewing and evaluating the information provided by the contractor to see if the company satisfies BSG’s standard (which is based on the core elements of SSIP Core Criteria, PAS 91, Common Assessment standard and CDM regulations

What to do next?

If you would like to use our Contractor Assessment Service (CAS), please send an email to with details of the approximate number of sub-contractors you would like us to assess. We will then register you for access to our online portal. In the meantime, please download our BSG Contractor Assessment Service brochure for further details. BSG CAS Brochure

If you would like us to contact your sub-contractors on your behalf and invite them to register for CAS, please complete the enclosed spreadsheet (click to open) and return it to

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