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Working safely in the rain

The potential hazards present on a worksite can be worsened by wet weather.

Working in the rain can cause slippery surfaces and limited visibility. However, steps can be taken to mitigate such hazards.

Working safely in the rain

Move cautiously

Although the weather may make you inclined to work more quickly to get out of the rain, this is dangerous. Because rain causes slick surfaces, work more slowly and deliberately – particularly when climbing ladders.

Use the correct equipment

Do not use electrical tools and equipment that are not specifically rated for outdoor use when working in the rain. Select hand tools with textured, nonslip grip handles.

Wear appropriate clothing

Wear proper footwear with a deep tread to prevent slipping. In the rain, be sure your trouser leg lies over your boot or shoe. Tucking your trousers into footwear can cause water to enter.

Wear appropriate rain gear that includes both trousers and a jacket. Be sure the material is ventilated so it can be worn comfortably for extended periods. If it is cold, select wool or synthetic materials that insulate even when wet. Be certain that clothing fits properly so it does not interfere with movement.

Use proper hand protection

Make sure gloves feature a strong, slip-proof grip and that they are adequately tight and long enough to allow your raincoat sleeve to prevent water from entering.

Ensure adequate vision

If you wear glasses or goggles, use anti-fog spray or wipes on them before going outside. Wear a hood or hat to keep rain out of your eyes. Because a hood narrows your range of vision, be sure to look both ways when wearing one. When working at night, make sure lighting is adequate and the lights used are rated for outdoor use.

Make sure you can be seen

Wear high-visibility clothing, especially in areas with vehicle traffic and heavy machinery. Do not wear rain gear or vests that have become dull or are no longer reflective.




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