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Working safely in high winds

Working at height is especially risky in high winds as the lack of shelter exposes workers to strong gusts that can disrupt balance.

At the same time, distance to the ground increases the likelihood that a fall will be fatal. Working on the ground can also present dangers in high winds – scaffolds can come down, trees can fall, or even items such as wheelie bins can be blown around.

Working safely in high winds


  • Check weather reports and monitor conditions continuously. Do not schedule work at elevation on days where high winds are forecast
  • Wind can pick up quickly and sudden gusts can take you by surprise – always wear a harness when working at heights over 1.5m and ensure you are connected to an anchor point
  • Ensure partially built structures are properly always supported, regardless of weather conditions and that walls are adequately braced until building is complete
  • Ensure scaffolding and other temporary structures are secure and could not be blown over

During high winds

  • Never work on scaffoldings, roofs, or other elevations during strong winds
  • Ensure that tools are packed away safely, and that roofing sheets, cones, signage and other loose materials are safely secured
  • Wear eye protection to keep dust, debris, and other foreign particles from blowing into the eyes
  • Ensure hard hats are securely fastened and cannot be blown off your head
  • Use extreme caution when picking up large sections of plywood or similar flat materials, as these can act as a snail
  • Tag lines should be used when hoisting loads with large flat surfaces
  • Do not operate hoisting equipment (personnel or material) without approval from your supervisor
  • Cease all crane operations until wind speed returns to an acceptable level




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