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Site inspections

Our highly qualified safety advisers conduct over 20,000 site inspections every year, helping our members to reduce the risk of accidents, take the necessary steps to minimise danger and remain compliant with industry regulations.

Site inspections

All of our site visits generate an electronic Site Inspection Report which is transmitted to our members’ offices, usually within the hour. The report provides a quantified snapshot of the inspected site’s health and safety performance as well as a Site Action Plan, which identifies and prioritises any non compliances for the Site Manager to address. Click here to find out more about our free site inspection offer to companies looking to join a safety group. Call 07973 864011 or contact us today.


BSG Audit Dashboard


BSG’s site inspection reports provide our members with a colour coded ‘Audit Dashboard’, flagging all major and minor non compliances.


BSG Dashboard 2015

Items marked as AdvisorySatisfactory or Not Applicable are awarded a score of 0. Items flagged as a Major Non Compliance or Minor Non Compliance are awarded a score between 1 and 7, depending on the severity of the risk identified. These items are listed by priority in the Site Action Plan for Site Managers to review and implement accordingly.

Site scoring is consistently and objectively applied using a software matrix application, which automatically generates a score for each area assessed. This ensures a uniform and regular scoring pattern across all sites visited.


Site Action Plan


Each BSG site inspection report provides the Site Manager with a coloured coded Site Action Plan.  The plan prioritises actions which need to be addressed, so that risks can be quickly removed or reduced to maintain regulatory compliance.


ABC Build Site Action Plan

Site Managers
 can use the information provided in the plan to:

–  View a quantified snapshot of each site’s health and safety performance
–  Assess and prioritise risks highlighted in the report by following the BSG Site Action Plan
–  Use information provided to help ensure regulatory compliance with RIDDOR reporting
–  Quickly identify risks that need to be removed or reduced
–  Notify and escalate incidents to the appropriate management level based on risk severity
–  Implement and manage Corrective and Preventative Action tracking (CAPA)
–  Develop a knowledge base of site assessments for shared learning
–  Provide a site inspection benchmark score for best practice in Health and Safety
–  View real-time performance summaries of sites that have been assessed
–  Search for similar site risk criteria to establish patterns and underlying causes of incidents and accidents

BSG Reporting Suite


Data extracted from site inspection forms can be used to produce a suite of customised reports for BSG Members.The reports include:


ABC Eg Build Safety Performance


–  Accident by Category
–  Accident by Cause
–  Accident by Injured Person
–  Non-Compliance by Category
–  Non-Compliance Safety Performance
–  Non-Compliance Safety Performance by Site
–  Non-Compliance Safety Performance by Site

In addition, scores provided from the Site Inspection reports can be recorded by members to build a historical and shared knowledge base across all site inspections over time. This allows our members to benchmark sites with the lowest scores, which can be used as the basis for setting nominal targets to achieve best practice in Health and Safety. Site Managers can also search for site risk criteria to establish patterns and underlying causes of incidents and accidents. Please click here to learn more about BSG’s Reporting Suite or download our BSG Reports Brochure 2017.


Site inspections

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